About Us


I am an Austin-based wedding videographer and photographer with over 5 years of experience in the wedding. I offer a variety of wedding videography and photography packages to meet your needs. We will capture your special day in its entirety and package it specifically for you so you can cherish those memories for the rest of your life. We offer a variety of options such as capturing your preparation, recording the ceremony, the reception and making a best wishes highlight reel. In addition, we will custom create your photography package to get the images you desire. Feel free to view my work and contact me for your special day!


Let's capture your day, as it happens, in the moment. Whether it's videography or photography, I go for the candid moment in as close to natural lighting as possible. I'm discreet yet capture exactly what you need.


From wedding bells to jumping on the dance floor, I can provide you with the sound effects and music from your day or add those extra sounds that make it pop.


From live movement to motion graphics, I will give your wedding video a cinematic feel along with the perfect touch of motion graphics to make your wedding video the coolest around.


No matter the desired media format, I can convert your wedding video into the format you need. Whether you need it on DVD or on YouTube to show your family, no project is too tough for the Austin Wedding Dude.



Whether it's videography or photography, I want to offer you exactly what you need for your special day. I offer a variety of packages to ensure all of your magic moments are captured for you to treasure for the rest of your lives. You may also contact me if one of these options doesn't fit what you need and I will provide a custom quote.